Environmental Projects, water and wastewater systems, Instruments, Automation, Lab & Research Equipment


Kheradkia Dana Company is backed by a team of hard core professionals and engineers who have gotten years of experience and exposure on different products range, quality applications and service supports. We provide efficient & prompt after sales services, warranty and spare parts supports. Our engineers are specially trained by manufacturers.


Customers knowledge about our  products and services, is most important issue to assure continious operation of our products. Keeping this in mind, we offer full training and education to our customers before and after sales of products to know how to operate and maintain them for non-stop operation. All customers can freely apply to attend in our periodic and regular based trainig meetings.


The main policy of Kheradkia Dana sales team is” selling by minimum possible prices and margin but by higher quantities”. With this strategy, we always offer the best prices for our satisfied customers. This is why our customers are permanent clients after first sales.


In a rapid changing business environment and due to continuous changes of measurement technologies and analytical procedures, Kheradkia Dana Co. is fully aware of the role of customers knowledge level. As a pioneer company in the field of instrumentation business, we provide full consulting services to clients how to select best tools for desired applications.

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