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About Us

Kherad Kia Dana is motive experienced company having well organized distributor network in most Iranian capital cities for sales and back-up services.

We pride to immediately provide you latest information about instruments, laboratory equipment, sensors, calibration services, analytical procedures and know how to measure the Chemical & Physical parameters in water and wastewater systems and environmental air quality applications.

14 year experience on importing and exporting scientific equipment to and from Iran helps us to provide customers’ demands as fast as possible.

We are supplying portable, laboratory and online analyzers and instruments to different Iranian industries for environmental, potable water, wastewater, river, well and dam applications. We have enriched and updated customer data base with more than 3000 registered customers.

The field of activity that our company is mostly known for it is portable, laboratory and process analyzers and equipment for environment protection projects, water and waste water treatment plants, municipal water distribution networks, river monitoring, dam monitoring and metrological applications, indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring.

Concerning our closed relationships to pioneer manufacturers, we also supply controllers, instruments and sensors for measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, flow, level, free chlorine, dissolved oxygen and density for almost industries.

As a growing company and emerging as a leader in the analytical field, we are going to expand our relations to well-known manufacturers of scientific and high technology products for universities, research and R&D centers.



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